Loc: Location based, i.e. painting out on location. Painting spots can usually be found within 100 yards of the car park. There is always a wet weather room or studio available at the hotel, if the weather is bad.

Stud: Studio based course.

S&W: Sketching & Walking holiday. This type of holiday allows us to reach parts of the countryside that location based holidays cannot reach generally speaking. Walks are easy to moderate mainly on the flat or down hill with some uphill involved. Some uneven ground will be encountered and good walking shoes are recommended. The walks are more of a stroll than a route march and each section will be around a mile and we will cover around 3-4 miles by the end of the day, so it is only suitable for those with good mobility.


S&P: Sketching on location with full paintings done in the studio. Some walking involved which will be easy going. We will walk no more than a few hundred yards in one go and mainly on flat even ground. No special walking shoes are required.


SS&P: Simply Sketch & Paint. This type of holiday allows more emphasis on simply painting than on tuition. There is no tutor on these holidays but there will be a local walking guide and/or an Alpha Rep. It will combine all Holiday Types above with a couple of days Sketching & Walking (Walks are optional), a day or two Sketching & Painting, some time for full blown paintings out on location, around the hotel or back in the studio.