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Holiday Winners

In here you will find a review from all our holiday winners, each of which had a thoroughly good time.

Holiday Winner 2017 - UK

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Holiday Winner 2017 - October - Soraya French - Paint the Amazing Light & Colour of the Western Algarve

Details to Follow

Holiday Winner 2017

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Holiday Winner 2016

Unfortunately, the holiday winner 2016 was unable to come in 2016 on medical grounds, so we allowed her to claim her prize in 2017. Details to Follow.

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Holiday Winner 2015 - Blog - June - Barry Herniman - Paint the Beautiful Wye Valley

During my annual visit to Patchings in June 2014 I came across a stall promoting Alpha Painting Holidays. They were running a draw for a free painting holiday which I decided to enter. I left Patchings that day and never thought about the draw again. One cold miserable morning in November 2014 a letter dropped through the letterbox from Alpha and much to my dismay it informed me that I had won the holiday and would I like to choose which holiday to go on. The prize was unfortunately for myself only and as my wife paints also we contacted Alpha and she decided to pay the extra and come along as well. We chose the beautifulWye Valley in watercolour with Barry Herniman staying at the Bells Hotel, Coleford. We went along on the 21st June 2015 for an introduction...

Holiday Winner 2015

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Holiday Winner 2014

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Holiday Winner 2014 - Blog - Terry Harrison - Paint Cottages, Water, Boats and Coastal Scenes in “Little Switzerland”

Shortly before Christmas 2013, I was surprised to see there were three letters addressed to me amongst the Christmas cards. The first letter was a nice surprise, the tax man had sorted out my records and a small refund was due!  The second a small win on the premium bonds £25, I thought this is my lucky day.  The third letter was from Alpha Painting Holidays, saying “we are pleased to let me know you are the lucky winner of our fully inclusive painting holiday for 2014” and enclosed was the programme for 2014. I thought how exciting I've won a painting holiday. It's a scam my daughter said, nobody ever gives you a free holiday!  But I remembered collecting some leaflets and filling in a questionnaire....

“I was one of the hundreds of visitors to the "Patchings" Art Festival in Nottingham last year (2012), and during my "wanderings" I stopped at the Alpha Painting Holidays Stand. I picked up some of the literature, to read later, and I also completed one of the questionnaires, which I folded and popped into the box for the chance to win a holiday. As the weeks and months passed I totally forgot that I had done this, so you can appreciate my surprise and absolute delight when I received a telephone call from Gill in December, to tell me that I was the lucky winner…….

Holiday Winner 2013 - Tim Fisher, Exmoor - Quaint Cottages, Boats & Coastal Scenes

Holiday Winner 2013

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Holiday Winner 2012 - Michael Sanders, Cheddar & The Mendip Hills - Paint Somerset in Any Media

Holiday Winner 2012

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I was absolutely ecstaic when I discovered that I had won a painting holiday. It was such a wonderful surprise, I was thrilled at my unexpected good fortune.

This holiday surpassed all four other painting holidays that I had been on previously. In fact I learnt more in the last 4 days than I have in the previous 4 holidays! Michael oozed knowledge. He is a patient and encouraging tutor for all levels of ability. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone…..

Holiday Winner 2011 - Tony Slater, Cheddar & The Mendip Hills - Paint ‘Clean & Fresh’ Watercolours


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This competition was linked to the SAA’s Free Holiday competition and the holiday was featured in the Paint magazine. Click image to see the article and what the 2011 winner thought of winning a holiday with us