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Coronavirus Feedback

Some encouraging words from our customers

Corona Virus - Email Notifications 2020

First - 21st March

Second - 25th March

Third - 15th April

2021 Programme - 1st Release - 1st May

2021 Programme - 2nd Release - 16th May

Sixth - 17th June - Social Distancing Measures

2021 Programme - Final Release - 13th July

2020 - That Was The Year That Wasn't

Bring on 2021!

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Corona Virus 2020 – Guest Comments

Here is a selection of the exceptional comments we have received from people that have been happy with how we have dealt with their queries, holidays and the general situation in relation to coronavirus and many words of support and encouragement that have helped us get through this very difficult time. We have had over hundred words of encouragement and at times it has been overwhelming. We are so thankful for your support, encouragement, understanding, flexibility, patience and faith in us.

"Thank you Matt and Gill for keeping us up to date with the ongoing situation. It must be a complete nightmare for you but as always anyone who knows you and your meticulous planning and attention to detail will rest assured that you will do everything you possibly can to make sure people can still enjoy their painting holidays even if they have to be a little bit different to the advertised break and if they have to be cancelled then so be it. God willing there is always next year!! Take care the two of you, stay safe and hope to see you at the end of September."

"To deal with one or two rearrangements is difficult enough but the challenge of this many... you are indeed stars. But most of all I hope Alpha gets through all of this intact - it certainly deserves to. Your holidays are brilliantly organised."

"Thank you for being so helpful, it gives me great confidence in your organisation!"

"Thank you for your very helpful email regarding our holidays. Much more helpful than other companies I have dealt with."

"You poor people I really feel great sympathy for you at this dreadful time. One last thing – I will be as flexible as I can to help you get through this."

"I can't imagine how difficult it must be, like juggling chain saws? Please know that we appreciate what you do."

"Thank you for being flexible. We very much appreciate it."

"You will need a mega holiday of your own after all this. Thank you for all you are doing to sort all our bookings."

"I would like to move the holiday to 2021 and it is my firm intention to be fit and chirpy next year as I am this year but as I will be in my late eighties by then I can’t guarantee anything!"

"I feel for you at this time and sincerely hope that your brilliant company is able to recover and thrive in 2021. You have given many of us a lot of pleasure with your holidays."

"Thank you! We Alpha girls & boys won't desert you."

"This is amazing Gill!! So good. Praise God for his sustaining you through this very difficult time."

"Your communication has been really good during this crisis and I wish you both all the best as you make adjustments to the programme and deal with all the additional admin."

"Thank you for the update at what must be a very stressful time for you. If my holiday is postponed or rescheduled I will try to be as flexible as possible. Look after yourselves and stay safe"

"I appreciate that you are trying to do everything you can for your customers."

"My heart really does go out to you - what a marathon of re organisation! I have always appreciated your skills and pride in creating these holidays for us ..... so absolutely understand what you are up against."

"I feel very sorry that Alpha Painting Holidays are having to undergo such difficulties due to Corona Virus but I appreciate all you are doing to keep going. Good Luck."

"It must be a nightmare for you trying to unravel all of this and I really appreciate your professionalism and kindness in sorting this out for me."

"I can understand that the present situation must be an absolute nightmare for you and I appreciate your efforts in re-arranging…"

"Brilliant. Matt and Gill. Well done for all you are doing and praying for you and the future of these wonderful holidays."

"I cannot imagine how difficult and stressful all this must be for you. Thank you for all your efforts and good communication."

"Our best wishes to you all at this very difficult time. Thanks for the wonderful holidays you have given us in the past."

"You must be run off your feet at the moment dealing with this nightmare. "

"I am so disappointed that I won’t be able to participate in the sketching course and I have been looking forward to seeing you as well. I will be thinking of you as you work to save this year’s plans so that you come through this crisis successfully. Stay strong, stay well and take care."

"I understand how difficult it is for everyone and for you trying to organise things in these terrible worrying times. We will all be needing a lovely painting holiday out in the fresh air with good company when this is all over. Please keep safe. "

"All this must be a nightmare for you but the main thing is to keep safe and look after yourselves. "

"Thank you Gill. You are doing your very best!"

"You must be very busy trying to rearrange holidays and not knowing if or when you can recommence a full programme. I so hope you can weather the storm and survive as a business. I keep remembering the great holidays I've had with you over the last five years and can honestly say yours are the best painting holidays I've had. Wishing you both well and really looking forward to hopefully joining you on a holiday next year if not before."

"I look forward to hearing from you and continue to pray that you will survive this terrible crisis. Every blessing."

"Thank you. No need to look on google. You have a very difficult job. Just move me to what you suggested."

"I just want to do whatever is convenient for you."

"It is crazy but it is far busier during lockdown than before! And with an extra amount of work for people like you! God knows and he can take the load!"

"Thanks for your email - oh dear what a nightmare for you! All the best to both of you and hope you manage to sort all this mess out in the end. I shall look forward to coming on a holiday in 2021."

"At first let me say how much I appreciate the way you are dealing with the present situation. These must be very difficult times for you."

"I am sorry not to be seeing you both this year and I wish you well for your business."

"Hi Matt and Gill, Thank you for being so understanding"

"Thank you very much for this information and for all the “juggling” you must be having to do at the moment."

"Thanks for the update. We appreciate your efforts to juggle the changing conditions, must be like knitting fog!"

"Thank you for this information on the painting holiday. It must be a nightmare for you with all the organising and I appreciate your efforts in getting as up to date information as possible. I heard a suggestion recently that next 1st January should be treated as 1st January 2020 and that we should cancel this year!"

"You must hate 2020! What a nightmare year for you both."

"How are you both? Still sane? Probably not... I know I'm teetering on the edge."

"It's great that you are giving us the chance to change."

"Keep well, I know you must be having a tough time at the moment. We appreciate all the hard work you put in to give us our wonderful painting breaks."

"Thank you for all you are doing to ensure everyone, hotel staff, yourselves and us aspiring artists are as safe as possible"

"Thank you for all your communications. It's good you are keeping in touch."

"I appreciate the effort that you have undertaken in trying to re accommodate us. Thank you very much again for your very professional approach to this disturbing current situation."

"As much as I would like to come I feel it is still going to be too risky for me to travel. I have to spend many hours on airplanes and public transport and at my age that might be asking for trouble. I don't expect a refund at this time so you can keep the money. I plan to try again next year and I hope you manage to survive this difficult time so that you can stay in business. All the best."

"What desperate times. With reluctance I would ask if I may postpone my Wye Valley trip until early Spring/Summer next year 2021. Please hold the deposit until I'm able to rebook."

"I do sympathise with you, it must be incredibly difficult to keep pace with events, which change from hour to hour."

"Thank you for keeping us as up-to date as you can during this challenging time. It must be very hard for you to work out what to do and re-arrange schedules, I do appreciate your hard work."

"I just want to say thank you for keeping me informed in what must be a very difficult time for you."

"Thank you so much for all your hard work. I will definitely be wanting to join one of the holidays."

"Poor you dealing with all those holidays. It must be very difficult."

"These are dreadful times for you and I am so sorry. What a lot of extra work and big worries."

"Do hope you keep well. And hope to see you in September...... if not then another time. No need to reply, you are busy!"

"Thank you for the update. It such a difficult time for everyone and I fully understand your problems."

"Due to age and infirmity I have not been away with you for some time but I would like to wish you well during this exceptional time. I enjoyed many holidays with you and sincerely hope it will not be too long before things get back to as near normal as possible. Very best wishes to you both"

"Thank you for all your hard work at this difficult time. Holding you in prayer."

" What a mess, you have our sympathy in sorting it all out!"

"I feel very sorry that you have been busy to cope with this unstable and serious situation."

"I hope all works out for you both during this most worrying time. Best wishes"

"Can I transfer to next year? I know you won’t have the dates yet. I can wait. The whole thing must be a nightmare for you."

"I appreciate how hard this situation must be for you and look forward to receiving further updates."

"I hope you are both well and Thank you for all your hard work."

"I'm sure you are having a difficult time rescheduling all these holidays!"

"This is perfect. Thank you for all your hard work."

"I don’t want to book any other holiday this year, so am happy to transfer to one next year when the dates are available."

"Many thanks for your update I figured that this would happen but no worries, my excitement for one of your holidays can wait. Plus it gives me a bright light at the end of what is a very dark and weird tunnel. (And also lots of spare time to improve my painting skills)"

"I hope you are both keeping well and not too over stressed with the work caused by the present situation."

"I trust you are both well and safe. Looking forward to hearing from you."

"I do hope you are keeping well and surviving this dreadful time"

"Wishing you well under such difficult circumstances."

"Life must be very difficult for you and for what it is worth, you have our sympathy."

"Must be a nightmare for you right now trying to rearrange all this year's holidays; I hope you are managing to survive!"

"Thank you so much for your hard work."

"Hopefully we will be able to join you in 2021 as we have always enjoyed our Alpha holidays."

"You must be having an extremely difficult time at the moment."

"Thank you for such a comprehensive summary."

"Sorry this must have been a real worry for you both, hope you are coping OK, look forward to seeing you whenever."

"In the meantime please keep me posted on the situation and take care of yourselves in what must be a very worrying and upsetting time for you both."

"Thank you very much for the newsletter and the programme. As the sky is grey and it’s just raining your programme is highlighting my day."

"So good to hear from you and I’m so glad you have avoided this horrible virus. I can’t imagine how much it must have disrupted your lives. It must be an ongoing nightmare."

"Dear Gill Thank you so much for letting me know the deposit arrived! Phew we made it, thank you also for your kindness in helping me to achieve it! So hope everything gets back to normal for you really soon. Wishing you every success in your business. My thanks to Matthew too for his technical expertise!"

"I sympathise totally with your dilemma! Thank you for soldiering on through this and good luck."

"Missed my holiday with you so much this summer."

"Thank you so much for your candid appraisal and all I can say is my heart goes out to you both and I really hope you will be able to continue offering your wonderful holidays."

There has been a small minority of people that haven’t been happy and that is a shame but we don’t consider dwelling on these situations as being helpful as this is not a review page, it is meant to encourage us and you as guests because the vast majority of you have been so appreciative, we want to record your thanks somewhere, almost as thanks to you and to God for taking care of all of us at this difficult time."